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Creating A New Standard

Talisman Plastics is delighted to announce that we have achieved the BRCGS Certification for Packaging Materials. The certification was awarded after a period of hard work in which all Talisman employees worked consistently at a high level across the business.

The BRCGS certification has been the standard for food safety for over 25 years. This award means that Talisman can expand to undertake a wide range of projects heading into 2023. Developed with input from industry, it provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality, and quality. Building on the foundations of ISO 9001, achieved in 1986, the required criteria in food and food ingredient manufacturing, processing, and packing industry. In its 9th edition, the certification is constantly evolving to protect its consumer. It can be considered one of the most prestigious standards to be awarded, this is why everyone at Talisman is extremely proud to have achieved the award and everything that it stands for.

Talisman Plastics Managing Director Shaun Champion said, “Each and every Talisman Plastics employee should be extremely proud of this achievement. We have been working hard over the last 12-18 months to ‘Raise the Bar’ across our production facility.
“It allows us to expand into new markets and the award gives us huge confidence that we’re heading in the right direction”.
The BRCGS certificate helps all three divisions of Talisman and facilitates growth for its Technical Mouldings, Security Seals and Caps & Closures sectors. Talisman Plastics has started 2023 strongly with this certification, this is considered, just the beginning of a huge year of growth and investment for the company. The operational changes lend themselves to other areas of new business and industries such as non-blood contact medical applications.

This process has driven improvement in our site standards, building on good manufacturing processes that ensure production is controlled to high quality standards. Some key factors that supported our journey to becoming certified and ‘raising the bar’ to reach our goals were:

• The Implementation of ISO 14001 – A globally recognised standard which gives organisations a systematic approach for measuring and improving their environmental impact.
• Operation Clean Sweep – A voluntary programme aimed at improving awareness, promoting best practices and guidance to support the plastics value chain in the implementation of the necessary pellet loss prevention measures.
• Conducting internal audits against site standards – Such as: Glass & Brittle Plastics, Hygiene Policy & Pest Control.
• Site improvements to facilitate cleaning – Cladding internal walls, painting the floors and walkways, training employees, introducing newer and fewer machines with enclosed conveyors, product storage and material handling improvements.
• Traceability and approved suppliers – Assessing capability, managing supply contracts and monitoring suppliers.

Setting out our strategic growth targets alongside the implementation of new standards and operational development has been a real focus for Talisman Plastics in recent years. Now that we have reached our goals and built a solid foundation of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Operation Clean Sweep and now BRCGS, we are in a strong have position to deliver growth and achieve our strategic targets.

For more info on the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard please visit the BRCGS website.
Keep an eye out for more exciting Talisman news coming soon!