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We possess a broad knowledge, experience and understanding of manufacturing a range of injection moulded components for the automotive industry. Examples of this include over-moulded pedals, badges, air management, bumper, lighting parts and many more.

We work to all the common automotive standards (8D and 6 Sigma) producing mouldings which contain tight tolerance features. Our quality driven attitude complements the requirement to manufacture for the automotive industry.

With nearly 100 years’ experience in the industry, we can support our customers through each project from start to finish, meaning that we can propose the most efficient and cost-effective ways of manufacturing your products.

Electric Vehicles (EV)

The outlook for the plug-in car market continues to grow at an exponential rate, the rollout of charge points is following suit creating a huge demand on the supply chain. Talisman Plastics are well positioned to assist as a trusted supplier to the EV market. We possess a deep knowledge of electrical and automotive parts built on many years of experience, supplying into all tiers of the industry.

Electrical & Electronic

Electrical & Electronic

With high demand for superior cosmetics and functionality in components, manufacturers are striving to achieve what is described as ‘top quality’ electrical & electronic mouldings.

For many years Talisman Plastics have manufactured components used across the industry for our long-standing customers. Typical products include, push button equipment, selector switches, plugs and sockets, isolation switches, lensing & lighting and many more.

We provide assistance in material selection, surface finish and tooling design to ensure your products are visually and functionally best in class.

Fluid Transfer

We offer a wide range of products used to transfer various fluids, these products are often used in pumps, white goods, boilers, and showers. Relevant materials are selected through careful selection via our NPI team, this ensures the characteristics suit the required application.

The requirements of the product are driven by our customers, whether that be visuals, high temperature and chemical stability or colour. Talisman Plastics have a portfolio of products that are produced in low, medium, and high volume.



Talisman Plastics have a long history of injection moulding medical devices, built on knowledgeable technical moulding abilities and extensive start to finish project support. This uniquely positions us to be the perfect partner for developing and manufacturing medical plastic parts.

The continued investment in our facilities and machinery have allowed us to further improve our capabilities in this sector. Our commitment to quality is supported by our dedicated team who offer unique moulding knowledge and measurements to national standards using our coordinate measurement machine (CMM). Our CMM enables components to be measured accurately and ensures they conform to the required tolerances to meet the demanding standards of the medical and healthcare industry.