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Talisman add advanced customisation capabilities to Boxloc

Talisman Plastics have unveiled the next iteration of their popular Boxloc security seal, which now features uprated customisation and differing pack sizes.

The new model, the BL02, follows on from the BL01, which is principally used to secure tote boxes, providing effective traceability, identifiable with sequential serial numbers or barcodes. Over ten million Boxloc security seals have been produced so far in 2020 alone.

The recent acquisition of the Keyence laser marker has equipped Talisman with the capabilities of increased customisation across its entire product range.

James Mulvale, business development manager at Talisman Plastics, said: “Since upgrading our customisation capabilities, we can now service a wider variety of customer needs than ever before. The evolution of the Boxloc benefits from the upgrades as it can be printed with unique barcodes and moulded in a vast array of colours, meeting any bespoke client requirement.”

The ability to print barcodes onto the BL02 security seal means that each tag can be uniquely identified.

James Mulvale said: “By giving each Boxloc seal a unique serial number, this allows the customer to create an auditable trail, where each tote box can be tracked from the source, to its final destination.”

Talisman Plastics' new Boxloc at the end of its production process.
Talisman Plastics’ new Boxloc at the end of its production process.

Talisman are now able to provide differing pack sizes for their Boxloc product, enabling customers to forward on smaller packs to onward clients, creating an efficiency in despatch, reducing costs and waste.

The Boxloc BL02 has been engineered to fit most attached lid containers available in the UK market, such as Loadhog, Casting Support Systems, Schoeller-Allibert, George Utz and Rehrig.

To find out more about the Boxloc BL02, click here to visit our product page.