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Talisman Plastics Installs New Solar Panel System

Talisman Plastics are pleased to announce the recent installation of 180 solar panels at its Malvern site in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and drive energy efficiency.

The new system is forecasted to produce 80,197 kwh of power per annum. The solar panels will help to power the sites plastic injection moulding machines as well as contribute towards powering day to day operations. The advanced recycling system means that all power generated will be used and at weekends, the surplus will be fed back into the grid.

Managing Director, Shaun Champion, has said that it’s an important step for Talisman to take. “The new solar panel installation helps us achieve our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and making our factory more energy efficient which is incredibly important for any business.

“The installation will also help with cost savings for energy usage which is vital given the current economy. The return on investment means that economically and financially it makes sense.”

The solar panels are the latest initiative taken by Talisman Plastics who have undertaken a number of other projects in an effort to become greener. This includes the installation of charging stations, energy monitoring equipment and more energy efficient machinery.