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Talisman Plastics teams up with Intouch to meet massive NHS demand amidst Covid-19

Talisman Plastics teams up with Intouch to meet massive NHS demand amidst Covid-19

Talisman Plastics has implemented the pioneering Intouch i4 Cloud software in all of its 27 injection setting machines, helping the company to successfully meet the increased demand for medical products during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Talisman is a key provider of clinical waste, pharmacy and security seals to the NHS, with two of Talisman’s 27 machines dedicated to producing this vital equipment. The application of Intouch’s system meant that Talisman could recently switch their machinery to 24/7 operation, facilitating the production over 350,000 units a week.

Intouch i4 Cloud allows Talisman to leave the machines completely unmanned during the 48 hours of the weekend, increasing production whilst keeping its staff safe. As a result, Talisman has increased the overall operational efficiency and successfully navigated the heightened demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ewelina Skalska, production manager at Talisman Plastics, said: “Our efficiency target with producing NHS equipment is 95%, and because we are able to react quickly through the InTouch alert system to any issues causing downtime, the target has been matched and even surpassed.”

The software is set to benefit all of Talisman’s customers, with improved scheduling, planning and monitoring of cycle times. It also monitors quantities produced against each work order, helping improve productivity and lead times.

Ewelina Skalska added: “The software is available cross-department, so if a customer reaches out for information on their order, any team can look at Intouch to check the status and react to the customer enquiry without delay.

“Intouch’s detailed reporting times can provide elapsed time on each run of products and an estimated time on when the injection setting will be complete, and whether the machine is running ahead or behind schedule.”

The addition of Intouch to the Talisman shop floor allows means that Talisman can react to any stoppages almost immediately. The software works remotely, meaning that injection setters can quickly attend to any fault causing a machine stoppage.

Ewelina Skalska said: “Intouch will report the nature of the stoppage so that in our weekly status meetings we can proactively identify any tooling problems, resource issues or potential machine faults.”

Ideal for out of hours work, Intouch can remotely provide information to staff mobile devices and ensures that during unmanned periods, uptime is resumed. Intouch can mimic machine displays which shows real-time setting status and the shift profile, and the ability to click on the virtual machine to see more detailed information about it and the option to receive alerts.